Who We Are



Sandycreek Conservancy is best known as a shooting club or an outdoor sporting club. We are also a social club. A lot of our members and associates come down to participate in the conversational activities. We also have been supporters of local and national charities, in the past, holding benefit shoots and dinners.

We are a member of various associations, such as:



We are a proud supporter and host to Scout Troop #412


invite ANY Scout troop to visit!


Most of all we are a conservancy.

The definition of a conservancy is "a body concerned with the preservation of nature, specific species, or natural resources". The purpose or purposes of Sandycreek Conservancy are:

A) To eliminate all forms of pollution along the banks and in the waters of Sandycreek Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania, and its environs;

B) To conserve, maintain, protect, and restore (1) all soil, waters, and wildlife, either animal or vegetable; and (2) the natural resources of the United States of America, including particularly but not exclusively forests, woods, trees, and other vegetation, marshes, grass lands and prairies;

C) To promote the means and opportunities for the education of the public with the respect to such resources and the enjoyment and wholesale utilization thereof;

This is our mission.