What We Do



Throughout the grounds of the Conservancy we have planted many different types of trees. Near the Rifle and Pistol Range we have approximately sixteen (16) apple trees planted for long term wildlife benefit. Deer, mice, bears, turkeys, racoons, rabbits, ruffed grouse, squirrels, and songbirds are just a few that love eating apples.

The club has an ongoing dense planting project for pine trees. Pine trees are planted for wildlife shelter. In the back field area of the club Norway Spruce trees are planted and we add additional trees every year. White Spruce trees are densely planted above the gas well at the entrance of the club. Tree planting is an excellent project for Scouts, members and their families, and other organizations that have an interest in helping wildlife. We encourage and need your participation!

We currently have four (4) wildlife seeding food plots on grounds. The club has ploughed, tilled, fertilized, and planted areas with a combination of clover, brassica, and turnips. These plantings have quickly attracted deer who use these food plots on a daily basis. The club is trying to increase the deer herd population on club grounds and near by State Game Lands.

Across our grounds we also have many birdhouses. These have been made and donated by our member Lane Grafton. Thank you Lane!!